Heavy Duty Torsion Frames

Heavy Duty Impact Torsion Trough Frame(3 Roll)

Heavy Duty Impact Torsion Trough Frame
(3 Roll)

Heavy Durty Impact Torsion Frame(5 Roll)

Heavy Durty Impact Torsion Frame
(5 Roll)

Manufacturing Quality:

• The Moret Mining High Impact Frame is designed as an alternative for Impact stations and Skeega Pads.
• This design allowed you to adequately deal with high impact points with limited space to install impact stations and
       Skeega pads.
• The design consists of a heavy duty troughing frame that pivots on the heavy duty base.
• The heavy duty impact idlers are locked in with special lock in plates.
• The frame absorbs the impact into the polyurethane bars as it pivots under the impact load.

All frames are manufactured within a tightly controlled quality control process utilizing jig fabrication ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process.

Rigorous quality control inspection are performed on dimensional, welding and corrosion protection throughout the manufacturing process.

The quality control process also ensures that the frames are manufactured from graded steel that matches the client and SANS 1313 specifications.