Moret Mining Services

We offer the following:

  • Surveys
  • Stock Holding
  • Quick delivery times
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Installation Teams
  • Troubleshooting and tailored problem solving

Our business concept is shaped around our aim of providing each client with tailored solutions to their specific needs and situations. We build relationships with our customers so that we are in a position to provide quick and effective services. By being an original manufacturer we are able to offer competitive and often better prices to our clients. We encourage our clients to allow our technical staff to conduct belt surveys. The service is free of charge and we supply our clients with a comprehensive conveyor belt inspection report. By familiarising ourselves with each client’s needs and building and servicing relationships we are able to provide the following value added services to our clients:

  • Accurate and effective solutions to typical problems such as belt misalignment and spillage problems.
  • Controlling of excessive noise.
  • Avoid the procurement of excessive or incorrect components. Thus reducing stock turnaround time and eliminate the holding of obsolete stock for our clients.
  • We are able to foresee future needs which improve delivery times.
  • Avoid down time through preventative actions.
  • Create a safe and hazard free environment through safe products and correctly functioning conveyor systems.
  • Reduce our clients cost of ownership.
  • Assist clients in achieving higher levels of productivity.
  • Supplying clients with a superior product that is more durable and lasts longer which reduces the total spent on conveyor components.

We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing value-added service in a proactive, feasible, efficient and timely manner. We recognize that the quality of our performance directly impacts your ability to achieve your goals.